What’s worse?

Ok, just been down to Camden, bought some very sensible shoes. It was just after five, people finishing work, busy High Street etc. And so all the little dealers are out in force, and you say hi to the ones you know, and ignore the ones you don’t, and it’s just another day in Camden Town.

It does get well annoying however being offered the same crappy skunk five times across ten yards of pavement. So I crossed over, and now you get hit with bloody charity collectors. They’re mostly out-of-work actors fresh from drama school (why do you never see newly qualified solicitors playing Iago? I’d love that conversation, ‘yeah, couldn’t get a pupilage so I’m just doing the RSC this summer till something comes up…’.

And at least when you turn down drugs you don’t feel guilty, but the charity people, what can you do? They’re relentless. It’s almost as if they’ve been taking notes from the dealers on the other side of the road on how to score a donation. Maybe they’re in league with them. And today I got especially done by the Alzheimer’s Trust, who just wouldn’t give up. What’s the point? With that lot, the people who receive your money wouldn’t even remember it’s from you in the first place… At least with Oxfam or something you know they’ll appreciate your bloody billy goat.

I can be a tight bastard now because I’m going to be earning 65 quid a month for working a six day week. The charity collectors (who aren’t volunteers, by the way), can make that in a day. That shut them up. Honestly…

[I’d like to point out now that I’m actually not that much of a bastard. People should donate to charity. I always have. And especially one’s like the Alzheimer’s Trust. And maybe one to help unemployed actors stay off the streets.]


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