Security Briefing

This is what we’ve just been sent from work, ahead of the dissolution of the current Government and hand-over to an extremely contentious caretaker administration on Friday. We’re going to be out of Dhaka up in the Tea Estates – but it certainly sounds like more than your average British protest, don’t want to cause a fuss old bean but do you think you might possibly be able to etc etc…:

“Security update

Dear all,

With a view to making you aware of as well as for taking necessary care of your movements, I would like to inform you that the proposed date for handing over the power for the present government to the Caretaker Government is 27th or 28th October for holding the National general election in January 2007. During that period, it is apprehended that the both government and the opposition alliance will arrange huge showdown of their popularity and power in Dhaka and the law and order situation may deteriorate across the country. It is also to note that if the present dialogue is not successful and Justice KM Hasan take over the office of the Chief Adviser to the next Caretaker Govt. The opposition alliance is going to hold Dhaka-seize Programme along with seize programmes in all the Upazillas and district levels. The activates are also instructed to stay in Dhaka with sticks-rowers-paddles. They would also declare continuous shrikes across the country with increased level of agitated movements, meetings, demonstrations and public gatherings. On the other hand, BNP is going to arrange programmes in Dhaka from 27th to 31st October to keep their control on streets and in the city. The activates are asked to bring sickles with them. All these give the clues that the political situation is going to deteriorate more than expectorations at the time of power handover and later on if the crisis is not resolved through dialogue.

Hence, you are strongly suggested to be in low profile and be vigilant. Please avoid all types of political demonstrations and large gatherings as well. It will be very much apprehensive if you discuss with your employer and if needed, don’t go to the office during those days with prior discussion with your employer. Please remain updated about the general security situation with discussion with your friends and colleagues as well and also be in touch with the newspapers and news from radio and television.

If you come across any issue to address, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Situation is being closely monitored and time-to-time you will be updated of the latest.

Thanks for your cooperation as ever. ”


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