Security Briefing Four

Another security briefing from our boss. The Bengladeshi political opposition called a temporary cessation from last weekend’s violence, with tomorrow (Friday 3rd) being their deadline to the Caretaker Government to prove that they are neutral and intend to hold free and fair elections.

If, according to the opposition, they haven’t proved that, then they will start violent protests again – so it could get quite dangerous again, because this time there isn’t much in the constitution to argue over (as with last weekend), it’s more about both sides of supporters trying to show each other who’s boss.

I’ve written something about this earlier in the week, but am waiting for a few more things before I’ll publish.

But here’s our security briefing:

Dear Volunteers,
The apparent calm situation in the country may become tensed again if 14 Party opposition alliances go on with their previously declared political movement after 3 November 2006 with the demand of reform in the Election Commission and removal of the Chief Election Commissioner. Moreover, political clashes in different parts of the country resulting to death and injuries are still being reported in the media.

You are strongly advised to be extra vigilant and keep low profile while visiting outside the home for office and any other purpose.  Please avoid all types of political demonstrations, large gatherings and minimize movement to the essentials only. Unless otherwise suggested by the VSO keep the field visit outside the office  and traveling to Dhaka limited to essential ones only.

Please also remain updated about the general security situation with discussion with your employer, friends and colleagues as well and also be in touch with the newspapers and news from radio and television.

If you come across any issue to address, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Situation is being closely monitored and time-to-time you will be updated of the latest. If situation demand then I will contact you over telephone in the weekend. 

Thanks for your cooperation as ever.


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