Security Briefing Four

The day of reckoning has been extended. This looks like it could run and run. Although if that avoids the violence, then that’s no bad thing

“Dear all,

With a view to making you aware of the latest political situation for your necessary precautions for movements, I would like to inform you that the 14 partiy alliance led by Bangladesh Awami League has decided to extend their observation period on the Caretaker Government re. their neutrality up to 12th November. If the government fails to prove its neutrality (according to alliance)  they are going to declare non-stop Dhaka-seize Programme along with seize programmes in all the Upazillas and district levels after 12th November onward. There will also be agitated movements, meetings, demonstrations and public gatherings as before.

If your placement is out of Dhaka, please don’t plan to stay in Dhaka or coming to Dhaka during that period unless there is any emeregency.

If you have any VSO related activities before 12th, then Programme Managers are requested to finish any outside Dhaka based volunteer involvement by 10th so that you can leave on 11 or by 11th Dhaka Based volunteers are also requested not to go for any field trip around that time. I really don’t want any volunteer is trapped in Dhaka or outside Dhaka due to political situation. I am sure that you also don’t want that to be happened. 
Please remain updated about the general security situation with discussion with your employer, friends and colleagues as well and also be in touch with the newspapers and news from radio and television.

If you come across any issue to address, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Situation is being closely monitored and time-to-time you will be updated of the latest. 

Thanks for your cooperation as ever.  “


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