Security Briefing Five

From the British High Commission, saving us all when they’re not in the pool.

“Dear Wardens, Community and Schools
Yesterday was the last day of the 14-party alliance’s seven-day ultimatum for the caretaker government to prove itself neutral. Having assessed its activities as well as performances over the past week, the 14-party alliance had a press-conference. They announced their blockade, postponed on 2 November, is to begin from Sunday, 12 November, saying that the caretaker government has failed to prove itself neutral. It was said at a meeting by the 14-party alliance that the agents of four-party alliance would remain in the field. They said that agents of four-party alliance are to attack the police and pass on the blame on to the 14-party alliance.(info from BBC press monitoring).

According to Dhaka press reports that a Non-stop blockade begins amid massive security steps. It is still unclear at this time whether the blockade will run continuously.

The situation is extremely volatile and Dhaka Metropolitan Police has advised to restrict travel with in the Diplomatic Enclave. This remains in force until further notice.

Travel to the airport may be disrupted, as one of the blockade points is Kuril Level Crossing.
We continue to advise British Nationals to exercise extreme caution and vigilenge. Restrict your movements and avoid trouble spots. The risk of violence is likely to remain high.”


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