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New developments in Bangladesh political crisis

Thankfully, it looks as if reason is winning the day. As the country is seriously suffering now from four days of blockade, the Awami League have postponed the siege and are giving the Caretaker Gov another deadline (until this Sunday) to ‘prove’ its neutrality, which essentially means sack MA Aziz, the Chief of the Electoral Commission.

This is very unlikely because the President and Chief of the Caretaker Gov is the only guy with the constitutional power to sack Aziz, but the President is a BNP man, and the BNP are those who would gain from an election presided over by Aziz. But Aziz may be forced to resign due to popular protest.

The BNP haven’t dared to get all their supporters out to match the Awami League, because it could cause violence. And every stakeholder is now calling for Aziz to resign, and other measures such as deleting the ten million odd fictional names from the eligible voter lists, transparent ballot boxes etc, apart from those connected to the BNP.

Shopkeepers are even saying they’re refusing to serve Aziz. I like that.

So, it might just end peacefully. Fingers crossed.

Here’s our latest security briefing:

Security update 15th November 2006

Dear all,

This is to make you aware of the latest political situation that the Caretaker Government has taken initiative to have a solution to the on going political issues and hence, has started a dialogue with the major political parties and by this time they have done it with the Bangladesh Awami League led 14-party alliance, BNP led four party alliance and some other ones. They are trying to hear from the parties first and taking count of the suggestions. They are supposed to have a meeting with the President with all the findings today and seek for his instruction for the next move. We hope that by the next week a solution will be there and the country will get rid of the unexpected situation and a favorable environment for fair election will prevail.

However, as the seize programme is still there, you are instructed to maintain the low profile and be highly vigilant. Please avoid all types of political demonstrations and large gatherings as well.

Please always have a discussion with your employer for the situation and your attendance in the office. Also discuss with him/her and your friends and colleagues about the general security situation. Please also be in touch with the newspapers and news from radio and television.

If you come across any issue to address, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Situation is being closely monitored and time-to- time you will be updated of the latest.

Thanks for your cooperation as ever.


Barbarism in Dhaka

This is a clip from YouTube, showing a compilation of footage of the violence in Dhaka from two weeks ago.

It’s hardly my role to publicise, but I think it’s important that people can be aware, at least, of the other human side of politics away from the corridors of power. Because ultimately, this is where the real power comes from. And can get tragically, bitterly discharged.

(Some of the scenes in the clip are extremely violent. People being beaten to death.)