Security Briefing Six

Just when it seemed that things might improve, in the middle of this week, the President ‘failed to find a solution’. This meant that basically he refused to sack the Chief Election Commissioner MA Aziz.

Virtually every institution and organisation, or public figure is calling for Aziz to go because they allege that he’s completely corrupt, unfit for the role, and with him in charge there can’t be free and fair elections. But he has the backing of the BNP/Jamaat 4-party coalition (because he’s biased in thier favour), and he refuses to step down. As he holds a constitutional post, only the President can remove him.

And the President was appointed by the BNP, as per the constitution, but now is allegedly still being controlled by them. And so the Awami League have sent their people out on the streets again, to try and force Aziz to resign for the good of the nation (the clock is ticking towards the January elections, too).

But this week, the BNP have said they’re going to send thier supporters out on to the streets to ‘counter’ the AL protests. This didn’t happen last week, and there was no violence, but now people are very concerned, and VSO have moved to ‘Yellow Alert’, which means pack your bags in case we have to evacuate, and don’t leave your home. My boss actually rang me up at 6.30 in the chuffing morning to let me know I could have had a lie-in.

Obviously things are calm in Sylhet at the moment, otherwise I wouldn’t be here, but it is very sad, and now for me almost frustrating that this impasse can’t be halted, purely due to the egos of the elite who seem to think they’re acting for the people. It’s disgusting.

Here’s our Security Briefing from today:

Security update on 20th November

Dear all,

This is to make you alert of the latest political situation that as there was no solution or direction from the President to the on going political crisis by Sunday 19th November, the Bangladesh Awami League led 14-party alliance declared seized programme is going to start from today again. On the other hand BNP led four party alliance has also declared to be in the field from today (in their words) to prevent the violence of the 14 party alliance. Therefore, it is assumed that there might be huge clash and violence across the country especially in the cities e.g. Dhaka, chittagong, rajshahi , khulna, sylhet etc.

In these circumstances, I strongly instruct you to be in the head down position and to stay at home in safe and do not go out before you have any further information from me.

In the meantime you have received phone call from warden as well as from relevant PMs. So follow the guidelines of the head down position as stated in the VEP.

If you come across any issue to address, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time. Situation is being closely monitored and time-to- time you will be updated of the latest.

Thanks for your cooperation as ever.


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