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Bangladesh’s Political Meltdown

I had this essay published in Open Democracy on Friday. You can read it on their site, complete with links here:

Or just scroll down:

The pre-election crisis in Bangladesh has concentrated power in the president and dispersed it to the streets. A longer-term solution is needed, says Timothy Sowula.

The political crisis that has enveloped and nearly paralysed Bangladesh as the scheduled elections of January 2007 approach is startling in its scale. Even more shocking, however, is the fact that it was also predictable, yet the main political actors were unable, indeed unwilling, to stop it. So swift has been Bangladesh’s descent into chaos that it might appear almost premeditated. Continue reading ‘Bangladesh’s Political Meltdown’



I’ve now been in my box for just over two weeks, and whilst I’m able to feel relaxed in it, I still refuse to refer to it as my ‘home’. I told my organisation – who are responsible for my accommodation – that I would like to move somewhere in town, with windows, and they accepted this and said they would look for somewhere suitable straightaway. However, two weeks later I’m no closer to moving, and in general I’m fast concluding that in terms of sorting out anything practical my organisation are about as much use as a chocolate teapot.

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