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First impressions of Sylhet

I’ve been here three weeks now, and am beginning to feel a little bit more like Sylhet is my home.

I haven’t actually seen very much of the city yet, because I only get one day off and haven’t yet had one where I’ve had the bike and nothing to do. But I’ve seen a bit, and am getting a sense of the area. Essentially, Sylhet’s got the greatest contrast of extreme wealth and poverty you could ever imagine – because people build on their land whatever they can afford, you can get a mansion on steroids right next to a pathetic shack with ten people living in it. I go to work past 4x4s and Lexuses and people walking along in rags carrying their day’s goods on their head to market. If you’ve got family in the UK, and a lot of Sylhettis do, then you’re filthy rich, but if you haven’t then you’re as poor as anyone else in Bangladesh, and that’s pretty damn poor.

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