Bangladesh – a byword for Corruption?

I’ve occasionally noted the sad irony of shifting my professional focus from corruption and failures of the State in the Niger Delta thousands of miles east, and finding myself working in a country suffering from equally bad, if not worse core problems.

I don’t follow the Nigerian media anymore, but this article, published a few days ago in ‘The Daily Trust’ newspaper based in Abuja actually compares the situation in Nigeria to Bangladesh. Nigeria is scheduled for national elections very soon, and the election is already riddled with controversy.

What makes this article interesting though, and rather tragic, is that even in Nigeria, some commentators seem now to be using the word ‘Bangladesh’ as an all-encompassing byword for corruption, mismanagement, and failed state. The author warns against Nigeria being “pushed to the principe [sic] of
Bangladesh”, and criticises the “Bangladesh of Obasanjo [Nigeria’s highly controversial President] and his PDP”.

Obviously the events of the last three months here have greatly tarnished Bangladesh’s international profile, but if the name of the country is entering even Nigerian political language as short hand for disaster, then you know things have gone badly, badly wrong.


1 Response to “Bangladesh – a byword for Corruption?”

  1. 1 Asif Qader March 7, 2007 at 4:45 pm

    How clean is Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed

    Dear readers,

    I was disturbed to read a report in the vernacular dailies that the CA
    Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed removed rajuk officials who had misbehaved with
    his wife when they were ordinary citizens. If this report is correct,
    it is a serious one. Then he has taken his own brother-in-law as the
    foreign affairs adviser. His wife is the sister of Farukh Ahmed
    Chowdhury and Enam Chowdhury who are top advisers to the AL and the
    BNP respectively. Fakhruddin was appointed as Governor of Bangladesh
    Bank by the BNP and when his term ended, he had made serious attempts
    to extend his term by using his BNP connections through Enam to extend
    the age limit for the job of Governor, Bangladesh Bank. When that did
    not work,he got for himself the job that the present Governor was
    holding,namely that of the Managing Director of the PKSF that was
    hardly a job for a former Bangladesh bank Governor!

    These are intriguing facts. It may be worthwhile to take a closer
    look at the CA who , as reported in the press, got the job of the CA
    on the recommendation of Dr. Yunus who is now himself in the field,
    having set his sights for the top political job of the country.

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