Bangladesh Death Trap – updated

The same day I wrote my last post about the total disregard for health and safety in Bangladesh, I got a text from Tom saying he had just witnessed a big road accident.

At a very busy T-junction, with no traffic lights, the policemen on duty had all failed to communicate with each other and had somehow managed to signal all of the traffic forwards in to a three-way collision.

What is more shocking is that the news didn’t suprise or shock me for a second. It’s just typical for Bangladesh.

I used to watch with my housemates ‘America’s Wildest Police Chases’ or something similar every Sunday night. ‘Normal Driving in Bangladesh’ would be an international smash hit follow up (no pun intended).


1 Response to “Bangladesh Death Trap – updated”

  1. 1 monique March 2, 2007 at 3:09 pm

    I also saw a fatal accident while going to Srimangal after visiting you in Shylet two weeks ago. People were simply gathered around the victims doing nothing. There was no sign of ambulance, police or any other kind of help. A rickshaw-van had been hit and was in pieces, with fruits and vegetable spread out everywhere on the street. The traffic was simply slowing down and going around the two bodies. “Bad luck for then” seemed to be the only reply people on the bus could say, and the bus driver simply carried on, driving at high speed (with a lot of honking… you know how much that helps). The reaction of the people was so suprising, it just seemed so normal to them. Seems like it’s just part of life.

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