‘Berbatov – he’s playing like God’

I’ve been holding back all season from writing anything about Tottenham, because it’s too personal, but on Saturday morning I was stunned when watching Football Focus on BBC World. Normally I think Mark Lawrenson spouts inane rubbish, but when the subject of Spurs’ recent revival came up he said something sensible for maybe the first time ever:
“Berbatov – what a player eh? I mean, we’ve said that all season, but at the moment he’s playing like God”.

Thank you Lawro. Not ‘like a God’. Like God himself.
I’ve seen a lot of strikers, and particularly duff strikers at Spurs – Armstrong, Rasiak and the Ginger Pele Gary Doherty spring to immediate mind, sullying an otherwise fine tradition – Sheringham, Klinsmann, Linekar, Allen, Greaves etc.

But Berbatov is right in their class. Anyone who saw our 4-1 win against Bolton, when on his own he outplayed all four of Bolton’s defenders for nearly 60 minutes, just…tears were nearly coming it was so beautiful. His movement, his touch, his strength, his positioning, and his lethal finishing. It’s perfection.

There was a debate on another website over who’s better, Berbatov or Drogba. For me, there’s no contest:
Berbatov has scored 19 goals to Drogba’s 28, but Drogba has Lampard, Robben, Ballack and the rest servicing him, whereas Berbatov sometimes has to make do with Teemo Tainio.
Drogba has taken three seasons to reach this standard, Berbatov looks so comfortable after six months at the Lane he could be a blade of grass.
Drogba cost 27million. Berbatov cost 10.9.
Drogba is all power and strength and great striking. Berbatov has that, but so much more grace, finess, poise, class.

There’s another article on the Guardian about whether or not Spurs can keep hold of Berbatov, but I can’t see us selling him unless it’s for a small fortune. If Drogba’s worth 27 million, what’s Berbatov worth? The Guardian also has some links via Youtube to some classic Dimitar moves this season, and it really is poetry in motion. Check it here.

I’ll be getting up at 2am to watch the FA Cup tie, if I can get to sleep before hand. I don’t honestly know if we’ll win. This is what Spurs is all about. But with Berbatov playing this well, like God, it’s worth it.


3 Responses to “‘Berbatov – he’s playing like God’”

  1. 1 LUFC's Finest March 22, 2007 at 10:12 pm

    Yeah, well, I think he has been made to shine by 3 ex Leeds boys – Robinson, Keane and Lenno. Spurs best strike this season, has got to be Robbo’s 85yard punt against Watford recently… Finally, Berbatov – one season wonder ??

  2. 2 sowula March 25, 2007 at 11:49 am

    Robbo was only copying the memorable (?) strike for Spurs by Jason Cundy against Ipswich back in about 1992, when he scored from around 70 yards. Better than Beckham as well.

    Berbatov has too much class to be a one season wonder, and class is permanent. Hope he’s not a one-season wonder at Spurs though. But I don’t think any of the other ‘big’ four English clubs could actually fit him in to their systems. As for other Euro sides, it’s debatable whether he’d want to move countries and settle again. I’m not sure he’s like that, spent 6 years at Leverkausen.

    I’m just enjoying it though. It’s as if Scarlett Johansson has suddenly turned up in your otherwise boring class at school for six months…only more exciting.

  3. 3 Saeed, Dhaka April 15, 2007 at 10:05 am

    Berbatov has too much of a pedigree to be a one season wonder. The man was scoring for fun in the Bundesliga. I had him in my fantasy league team at the beginning of the season. But then he took a bit of time to settle, so I sold him. Now I cant afford to buy him back! 🙂

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