Demolished Office Pictures

I wrote about two weeks ago that our office had fallen foul of the interim administration’s new clampdown on illegal property, and the two feet in question that were encroaching on public land was going to be demolished.

The red line you can see drawn on to the side of the building here, denoted where they were going to demolish:



That was the warning we had. You turn up for work, and see your office is going to be demolished in 72 hours. A red mark like the plague.


Then – and this is typical for Bangladesh – we discovered that the suspect two feet of building wasn’t encroaching over a public road – the road was on private land owned by our landlord, so he could build over it how he liked. Hooray!

But – as we had started the process of moving, the landlord decided to put a new dry cleaning outlet under our office, and would still need to go through the ceiling (our floor), so we would still have to move anyway. Boo.

Here is a picture of the wall that was being partially demolished, with me trying to work directly above:


Then – the landlord said we had 24 hours to move out of the office, because the five guys below were going to break through. My boss made a very foolish decision to simply transfer all our things in to his section of the office, where the floor wasn’t going to be demolished.

This was very foolish because the builders decided to completely destroy the floor, and the route that we would have to use to move our things out of the building. Here is what is left of where I used to work:


And now, my boss is going to have to move everything – desk, chairs, sofa, computer, books, shelves, everything. Across this absurd steel frame walkway, which they left intact after breaking out the concrete. This is maybe the stupidest and most ludicrously dangerous thing I’ve seen in Bangladesh, and that’s saying something. Here is the ‘walkway’, with the old door, covered by the curtain. I am very skeptical.



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