Big Political Trouble in Little Bangladesh

The dam of lies and corruption is beginnning to burst, and everything’s spilling out now.

In the last few days, charges first of extortion/corruption and today murder have been levelled against Sheikh Hasina, the leader of Bangladesh’s Awami League, who was PM from 1996-2001 and leader of the party pretty much since her father was assassinated in 1975.

Sheikh Hasina has been on holiday in America, since all politics is banned in Bangladesh, but she’s announced that she’s coming back as soon as possible to fight the charges, and has completely denied them, obviously.

You can read about the murder charges here, on the BBC. Most Bangla news sites at the moment are still buzzing with bias.  They’re based around who was responsible for the riots on October 28th when six people were beaten to death. I was there and it was disgusting. It’s the kind of charge that’s completely politically motivated and may well never even see court, but personally, I would agree with this summation, by Kawsar Jamal who runs the Change Bangladesh website:

“150 million people including the Non-resident Bangladeshi are responsible for October 28th, 06 occurence. The factors that played hard for the occurence to happen are
lack of education,lack of information sharing between people to people,lack of humanity and humanness(n)and lack of proper process and procedures of so called filthy democracy,familycracy and autocracy thats been followed for last 35 years after independence. It doesn’t look to good even now, so I won’t be amazed if I see the same occurence sometime soon too, who knows may be very soon or little later unless things gets strengthen up very soon.”

A few people have asked me if I think the charges against Hasina are true. I don’t know, but the obvious response is if they’re true they need to be proven before a court of law. The charges don’t suprise me though; increasingly nothing in this country does.

What the charges indicate though, true or not, is that the interim military administration is now making an effort to truly ‘cleanse’ Bangladesh of it’s previous political past. The charges could never have been made, or seen the light of day, without the approval of someone high up.

And what is worrying, what the major concern is for a country of 150 million people, is that they’re trying to erase their rotten past, with no concrete plans or policy or even assurances for the future. The power is all with the army. No one else is allowed to speak out, or even really speak at all except through the established media. There is no alternative. So they better get it right, because now there’s nothing to go back to.


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