It’s not a heat wave, it’s a beating

I haven’t written very much recently, because it’s just been TOO hot.

I was expecting May to be a roaster, but this is apparently the hottest it’s been for thirty years, and it’s just close to intolerable. Around 40 degrees, blazing sunshine, nearly 100% humidity… which would be horrible anywhere, but in Bangladesh you have the added punishments of the open sewers fermenting away, so the air stinks even more than usual, and the fact that the country can’t power itself.

So even with fans, it just moves hot air around the room. But when the power goes off, all you can do is sit in the dark and feel sweat just pouring – not trickling, not running, but pouring down your body. I’ve had dryer showers.

So not only do you have to change your t-shirt three or four times a day, but my trousers/shorts/lunghi needs a change as well.

Just when I don’t need hot water, I have it from my shower for the first time, because the tank on the roof has got so hot.

It’s rained now once or twice since Monday, which is a brief respite, but it’s still horrible. And not like you can retreat with an ice-cold beer, which I would trade a finger for at the moment.

To top it off, my landlord has decided to take advantage and charge me an extra 2000 taka to use my air-conditioning unit, which I can’t afford because that’s almost a quarter of my salary. So the one thing that might offer some relief, I just have to stare at. That’s when the power’s on, of course. It’s hard work being here!


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