This is my first post on my first blog. And I’m sorry about that first sentence.

I should say from the start that I don’t particularly like the idea of ‘blogging’. I’m not a geek, I have real friends in the real world, and I’m certainly not the type of person who sits in cafes drinking expensive coffees thinking about how I’ve been wronged by the world, and blogging about it.

However, because I’m about to go and live in Sylhet, Bangladesh for at least a year, and I do have real friends and I’d like to keep in touch and share my experiences with them, this seems like a handy way to do it.

So…this is an experiment. A poncy one, but let me try it for a while. Cheers.

I should also point out that the views expressed in this blog are entirely my own, and do not necessarily reflect those of VSO. I’m the idiot, not them.


1 Response to “Disclaimer”

  1. 1 WW May 26, 2012 at 2:12 am

    A thanks, a much belated thanks, for starting, and then keeping this blog. I first read it yesterday, and that was your entry on Kolkata and Dhaka. Insightful and funny.

    I’m not nearly so convinced about your modest proposal on nationalisation of the rickshaw economy, but even there I admire your style and convictions. I don’t know if anyone else has given this blog a nod, but they should have. Thank you for paying attention to the many things going on in Bangladesh and for then putting them into a form both thoughtful and easily shared.

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