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Here we go…

Right oh. One week to go. I just glanced at the clock, and in about exactly one week from now, I will be getting in to a cab to go to Heathrow and catch a flight for Dhaka.

In about exactly one week and half an hour from now, I’ll be suddenly thinking about all the things I’ll have forgotten to pack. I’ll also doubtless be asking the driver to switch Magic off the radio, for the love of God.

In about exactly one week and three hours from now, I’ll be on the plane and ordering the first of many Gin and Tonics.

And in about one week and twelve odd hours from now, I’ll be emerging off the plane, blinking in the light, sweating from the heat, breathing in the new air, probably feeling a bit worse for wear, and not feeling in any way ready to start a new life. Not unlike being born actually, except without the gin bit. I think when I was being born, the doctors said no.

So I’m pretty much exactly a week away from saying ta ta to this womb of North London that I’ve inhabited most of my last 24 years. And I have outgrown it, I think, there’s not much left here to see that I haven’t. Making a film in Camden this summer I must have walked/biked every bloody street in NW1, and by the end of it I was sick of it. Well ready to leave and find somewhere new to moan about.

There will be things I miss though. In my little ‘About Me’ page I put down what I reckon are the five most important things in life. I tried to work it out by thinking what are the five things that I absolutely couldn’t live without.

Cheese nearly got in there, but was just pipped by mates. Which is just as well, because there’s not going to be much in the way of delicious dairy spreads in Bangladesh. Probably the route of all their problems. However, I’ve already got some friends going out there with me, so that will be cool, and I’m sure that I’ll meet some new brilliant people. But I’ll miss my mates over here, obviously.

I don’t want to go on too much in any blog posting I do (I’m new to blogging) because it’s so self-indulgent and ostentatious. But I’ll try and use it to keep people updated with what I’m up to, and maybe start linking to other random stuff that catches my interest. But hopefully it can put an end to constantly writing ‘how I’m doing..’ stuff again and again to different people. If you want to know, check this blog. But if people want to contact me, then I would love that.

How I’m doing:

I’m currently stressed about

  • The state of Aaron Lennon‘s knee-knack. Spurs are in big trouble without him.
  • Whether I’ll be able to burn all my music to take with me on time – still got about 500 albums to go!
  • That I should know a lot more about the Desh before I go out there – and don’t have the time to do the reading

And that’s about it. I’m not really a worrier, at least not about important things that I probably should be worried about. Stuff pisses me off, but I think that’s different. Of course stuff pisses me off – I’m a bloke.

I am well excited about going away though. Just got to buy some ‘sensible’ shoes first…