I work here as a volunteer Programme Officer for Ethnic Community Development Organisation (ECDO). We now have a website, so you can find out more about ECDO at http://www.ecdo-bd.org

ECDO is a small NGO, with only four full-time staff excluding me, and we run education and health projects for the indigenous people of the region, the vast majority of whom live in small villages in extreme poverty.
As well as VSO (who facilitate my volunteering with ECDO), Oxfam and Action Aid fund two major projects that we implement.

I am helping ECDO build up their external communications, create a strategic plan, develop other fundraising sources, organise a new information management system, develop an advocacy programme, and conduct a major Participatory Rural Appraisal research project in 15 villages, amongst more mundane things such as fixing the printer.
I have just started running a Global Citizenship project with nine teenagers from a local school, which I have set up with a school in London. I will link to the website for that soon.
I also go to a lot of weddings.

If anyone has any questions about my work here as a VSO volunteer, please feel free to post below.


6 Responses to “ECDO”

  1. 1 TAPASH DEV November 5, 2007 at 4:10 pm

    Dear Sir,
    Greeting from Sobuj Bangala Unnayan Sangstha (SBUS)-Gobindogonj, Gaibandha. It is a non-government organization (NGO), registration no is Gai/592/2000 dated 24-10-2000, come close to the poor people with particular emphasis to bring out positive changes in their life and livelihoods. SBUS realized that proper education, massive awareness and women empowerment are very prior to develop to change the condition and position of rural men and women. SBUS has been carried over its experimental project very successfully. At resent, community people are showing the continuous encouragement and inspiration for socialization.
    Vision of SBUS is Fair, free, just and equitable society, Mission is “No relief and credit but release”, efforts towards development on behalf of rural poor and tribal through integrated and effective policy advocacy with special concern to deprived children, disabled and women. As well as Goal is to be developed socio-economic status of the people of underprivileged and disadvantaged poor people living in Gaibandha district

    Objectives is
    § Increase literacy rate within the working areas
    § Ensure enrolment of drop out and poorest children in education and encourage adult people for education
    § Create massive awareness on different development issues through effective social mobilization
    § Campaign to stop early marriage, acid throwing, dowry, child trafficking, domestic violence etc Efforts to establish human rights at family and society level
    § Unite people and strengthened their united capacity
    § Support to access different level service delivery provision
    § Influence policy advocacy to increase responsiveness of service providers
    § Transform human being into resources by adequate skill transfer training Protect and reinstate antique culture of the tribal people who are the old neighbours of the country
    Rescue and evacuation for the disaster affected people

    CORE PROGRAMMES OF SBUS are (A)Education Programme, (B) Capacity Building Programme (C)Gender , Justice and Governance Programme (D) Disaster & Environment Management Programme.

    Under this circumstances, lacking of NGO net work, I am enable to procedure my programme, For this reason I want to be a membership and enrollment with your network. I Therefore, I pray and hope that you would be kind enough to accept our organization, and provide me a member with your network. I will be grateful to you.

    I am looking forward to receiving your cordial response.

    Professor Tapash Dev
    Project Director

  2. 2 Tapash June 1, 2012 at 10:13 pm

    Dear sir,
    On behalf of Gobindaganj Dabaloy Biggan club, congratulation to you for Digital Bangladesh. This club is established in 2005. and Obtained registration in 2009, Under the ministry of science , technology and commutation Department, so this club dedicated for poor people and distributed a lot of elements to educate among illiterate people , more over our weekend magazine “Digitaler Bijoy” has published every week and created revolution o conscious the people, Digitaler Bijoy is the preface of North Bangal the frustrated and negal people can speak about their right and can establish their dream , So It can invent the talent and merits from the rural level, thus It brought revolution , more over, the Editor and the publisher of the Digitaler Bijoy, Professor Tapash Kumar Dev , Delivered his valuable speech on the importance and use of information technology in the fair of “Digitaler Udvabani mela at Gaibandha district at sadhinata pargar dated 16 and 17 February 2012. at 4 pm. thane were present some people of local District government So, kindly visit our village wise information and technology operation project , Our project expresses different opinions about hou to stop early marriage . Remove illiteracy, and establish 171 learning centre, on the other hand 51(learning centre) belongs under rose project. So if you visit our country and our institution then according to your suggestion opinion, proposal. We will continue this project, so, according to your direction Gobindaganj Dabaloy Biggan club and SBUS will help and establish the frustrated decaying people and make them very skillful worker and turned into them as an human assists of Bangladesh .thank you again for your kind consideration.

    You’re faithfully
    Professor Tapash Dev.

    Gobindagonj Debaloy Biggan Club (GDBC) is a non-government science and technology aspired organization has been working for the rural poor and disadvantaged people in Gaibandha District establishing in 2005. It obtained legal registration from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Communication of Bangladesh Government during 2009.
    Now a day’s information and communication technology itself has been playing a vital role in development. Due to globalization and the government’s special encouragement people become interested to sink with science and technology for their own development. Following the democratic government declaration GDBC welcome all type and class of people to implement the “Vision 2021” that ultimately way out the establishment of a resourceful and modern country by 2021 through effective use of information and communication technology. The Club believes modern philosophy of effective and useful use of information and technology in terms of implementing the promises in education, health, job opportunity, poverty reduction etc. Therefore, the Club has been working with people with the major objectives includes changing people’s attitude, enabling environment and technical supports, profitable and innovative ideas for creation, production, preservation as well as marketing.
    Science and technology sector within Gaibandha district are properly not in advance. People remain in ignorance and darkness from the usefulness of information and technologies. They neither know nor try to get the update what are going on. They only know to survive with the world by their hard labour. Due to inadequate literacy rate, superstition as well as religious beliefs and thoughts are the majors hinders in the way to development of science, information and technology in a whole. Women and girls in remote and tribal areas belonged fully illiterate and they are the victims of early marriage, polygamy, divorces, dowry, rapping and many other kinds of physical torture as well as domestic violence still now due to economical deprivation along with influence of religious bound and prejudice of the society more far from science, information and technology.
    Under such circumstances, Gobindagonj Debaloy Biggan Club (GDBC), a non-government science based club comes close to the poor people with particular emphasis to bring out positive changes in their life and livelihoods through utilizing IT skills, information and technology for development. GDBC realized that proper supports incorporating technical education, training, campaign, skills exchange, sharing, massive awareness and especially women empowerment are very prior to develop the situation.


    With the objective to transfer human being into human resources, SBUS has established during 1998 facing different types of ups and downs. During 2000 it has registered with the Social Welfare Department of Bangladesh government as a local voluntary development club. Gradually it has been reformed as NGO in course of time as well as in course of demand local people crossing various obstacle and social struggle. The reflection of changing as NGO during April 17, 2005 by confirming SBUS as implementation organization of Ananda School under Primary and Mass Education Ministry of Bangladesh government for the first time in Bangladesh. The first Ananda School established at Hirokpara under Gobindagonj municipality. It was disheartening to mention, due to evil conspiracy of some local NGOs, political people and officials, the school has been cancelled although Hirokpara Ananda School was legally permitted to open.
    At the next step, SBUS didn’t stop there. It has started its programs again during 2006 by establishing 03 Saisab Bikash Kendra (Early Development Center). During 2007 it established more 17 Saisab Bikash Kendra by the pressure of local elite persons and mass people. During 2008 it started survey activities for the disabled people living in Gobindagonj upazila of Gaibandha district. By the approval of Deputy Director of Social Welfare Department, Gaibandha, it established 18 SBUS Disabled School.
    But due to evil conspiracy of similar local NGOs, political people and officials, the working Deputy Director of Social Welfare Department, Gaibandha has postponed the whole programs of SBUS on 26th June 2008. Again during 2009, as a result of long investigation of the government and continuous pressure from mass people of Gobindagonj Upazila, responsible honorable Minister of Social Welfare of Bangladesh has provided the permission to start the programs accordingly. After such types of obstacle, SBUS has been working with full dedication to change the present society incorporating science, information and technology. Now it has been implementing education programs through 120 Ananda Schools and learning centers to the success of returning of school dropouts, deprived & neglected children in education to increasing literacy rate ensuring quality education where 4200 drop out student imparting education, 62 POSBP centre also on going within the working areas. This year about 55 thousands children got a total of 28 sets materials including books have been distributed among the poor children.
    The Program Report is equivalent to our Annual Report covering the period July 2009-June 2011 as we have to face some barriers to continue our programs. This is the first time we are going to publish our Program Reports which certainly have some mistakes and error for which we are looking forward for your kindness. I like to convey my gratefulness and thanks to those people includes development consultant, staff members, well wishers so on who are involved to bringing out the Program Report for the first time for Sabuj Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (SBUS).With the objective to transfer human being into human resources, SBUS has established during 1998 facing different types of ups and downs. During 2000 it has registered with the Social Welfare Department of Bangladesh government as a local voluntary development club. Gradually it has been reformed as NGO in course of time as well as in course of demand local people crossing various obstacle and social struggle. The reflection of changing as NGO during April 17, 2005 by confirming SBUS as implementation organization of Ananda School under Primary

    Professor Tapash Dev

    Mailing address
    Professor Tapash Dev
    Hirokpara, Gobindagonj, Gaibandha
    Mobile: 01813639267

    1. Permanent Address : Vill:, P.O., Gobindagonj PS: Gobindagonj
    Dist: Gaibandha

    2. Present Office Address : Vill:, P.O., Gobindagonj PS: Gobindagonj
    Dist: Gaibandha

    3. Age : Forty EightYears (Date of Birth 14.06.1965)

    4. Work Experiences : 26 Years

    5. Academic Qualifications : M.S.S Sociology
    University of Rajshahi, 1987. Bangladesh.

    B.A (Hons), Sociology
    University of Rajshahi, 1986. Bangladesh.

    6. Specialisation as a career researcher, trainer, teacher and development practitioner : Social Mobilization and Motivation, Public Relations, NGO Activities and Community Mobilization, Community Awareness, Development Administration with specialization in Social services Planning and Management, research and study, Leadership Management, Entrepreneurship Management,

    Teaching career began in 1991 as Principal at Sohorgasi Adarsha Mohila College, Gobindagonj, and Gaibandha and from 1994 Lecturer in a non-government College, Mohimagonj, and Gobindagonj Gaibandha. As trainer and resource persons in various formal and non-formal training, workshop, seminar and symposium. Preaching and teaching to Development Activists ranging from illiterate villager, local govt leader, NGO worker and grass root level beneficiary to high level development professionals.

    As an development activist, most of the contributions were made in the in broader field of NGOs development, Institutionalization of community participation, poverty alleviation, grassroots level groups, Organizing development activities, coordination of GO and NGO activities, capacity development of public sector agencies in designing and implementing community level projects.

    7. Current Assignment (January 2008 onward). : • Advisor, Economic Empowerment and capacity building for the grassroots level organizations especially for HAPSO and Sucker Nir Bangladesh
    • Executive Director of Sobuj Bangla Unnayan Sangstha (SBUS) from August, 2001 to till now.

    8. Linkage at National and International Level
    : • Linkage with DFID, USAID, Feed the Minds, Ifad, Unicef, Action Aid, , WHO ,OXFAM-GB ,Save the Children USA for information and concept exchange and research study
    • Linkage with Hunger Project, ECDRC, Ghat, Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB), Poribesh Andolon, Sisu Konna Advocacy Forum, Jatio Prothibondhi Forum etc


    Sociologist and Institutional Expert:
    : Providing all sorts of technical assistance regarding social and institutional aspects of a development sector project being implemented in several districts of Bangladesh. Research, evaluation, planning and organizing training courses, organizing publicity liaison among LGIs, local administration and NGOs, conflict mitigation and public relations are also some of the key responsibilities associated with the position.

    8.2 Lecturer, Mohimagonj Degree College, Gobindagonj, Gaibandha
    Department of Sociology from 1994-2008 Course teacher of the courses such as, marriage and family, race, kingship, institution, social structure, social stratification, social problems constitution and administrative law, local Government structure, Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation, Public and Private Sector Development Administration and Planning and Management of Social mobilization/Services.

    8.3 Principal, Sohorgasi Adarsa Mohila College respectively from 1991-1994 at Gobindagonj, Gaibandha : College establishment, Girls rights by opening the opportunity for the backward women, college administration, social structure, constitution and administrative law, local Government structure, Rural Development and Poverty Alleviation, and Management of Social mobilization/Services.


    Sociologist, Advisory Technical Assistance to Grassroots level organization As Executive Director
    Initiate Family and Early Childhood Development at the roots level, piloting people’s capacity building tools as BCC change, improved way of attitude and characterize to contribute the country as social human being, assisted staff for enhancing capacity building, leadership skill development through providing actual and appropriate instruction and suggestion. Assisted local government, public-private partnership management, networking and linkage with national and international level donor and service oriented organization.

    As Adviser and Resource Person
    Provide need based and right based advisory tool and tips to the Executive Bodies of various development oriented non-government organizations irrespective to policy and administration development as well as to resource mobilization through fund raising mechanism. Besides, participated in numerous governments and non-government organizational training, seminar, orientation, dialogue and symposium.

    As Social Researcher
    Hands on experience in conducting research study on different social contradictive phenomenon especially on family development through early childhood development, behavioral change communication and counselling and monitoring, Published several publications on fundamental rights including health, education, socialization process.

    As Editor and Reporter
    Worked as reporter at Juger Alo, published at Rangpur during 1990, Dainik Uttaranchal Bogra during 1994, Dainik Ajker Kagoj, Dhaka since 1995 to till now. Brought out education newsletter namely College Bichitra and Digitalar Bijoy as Chief Editor. Wrote several articles and research study through reporting and media.

    9. Involvement with Different Organizations as Activist

    Gobindagonj Artha Samajik Unnayan Parishad, Gobindagonj, Gaibandha

    Gobindagonj Consumers Association of Bangladesh KAB, Gobindagonj, Gaibandha

    Gobindagonj Sangbadik Parishad, Gobindagonj, Gaibandha

    Advisor – HAPSO and Shaker Nir

    Secretary, Citizen for Good Governance (SUJAN), Gobindagonj, Gaibandha

    Secretary, Gobindagonj Press Club, Gobindagonj, Gaibandha

    Gobindagonj NGO Frurum, Gobindagonj, Gaibandha

    10. Publications

    • Awareness -1
    • Awareness -2
    • Maa, Mati. Manus and Jonmovumi

    11. Interest
     Poverty Alleviation
     Disability Development
     Campaign to stop Violence Against Women

    (Professor Tapash Dev)
    Executive Director
    Hirokpara, Gobindagonj,
    Mobile: 01813639267

  3. 3 tisha February 12, 2013 at 3:03 pm

    I want a contact number of the ngo ECDO.
    it will be very helpful for me…. i want to contact the office urgently

  4. 4 Sonja April 17, 2013 at 7:08 am

    I realise that you wrote this blog quite some years ago. However, I am about to move to Sylhet (from Australia) to volunteer for ECDO through an Australian aid program. I will be doing similar work to what you did.
    I would love to have an informal chat with you about Sylhet, and ECDO, and I would welcome any advice, or tips you may have.
    Hopefully you’re still receiving notifications for this blog.

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