I have a terrible camera and I don’t know how to use it, so these photos were taken by the brilliant Mikey Leung and Tom Wipperman.

The match was at the Mirpur Stadium, which had been newly redeveloped for the occasion. The stands were essentially a big concrete bowl with a posh media end on one side of the wicket, and another posh (virtually empty) VIP stand, square of the wicket. With the mob we were crowded in to the rest.

But we got the best view in the house, up high right behind the bowler’s arm.


We could also just make out the scoreboard


It was bloody hot though! Baking sun in mid-May Bangladesh. To our right, huge covers had been erected over the stands, using bamboo and sponsored flags. It didn’t look particularly sturdy.


The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic, and the whole stand was essentially a sea of green and red, the Bangladesh colours. No country loves their flag more than Bangladesh. It was all good-natured chaos though, and even some women came out to watch the game. See if you can spot the Australians.






2 Responses to “Cricket Crazy”

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